Welcome to DixHuit04 | 1804customs!

Hello All and welcome to 1804customs.com.  We are happy you found us and would like to express our great gratitude.  Dixhuit04 is a brand new online only (for now) custom Haitian clothing and apparel store.  Too often friends and associates have made comments that when representing our culture through clothing we often just incorporate a flag into our outfits and that's it.  Dixhuit04 wanted to change that and allow our actual culture and sayings to represent us.  All our designs are custom be it from original artwork from our art department, or well known quotes Haitians often use.  1804customs.com creates high quality vector art to be printed on a wide variety of clothing.  We also will be adding the feature to email us and make requests of different colors for our logos as well as the option to request a custom design of your own.  Our art department will do their best to recreate your vision and bring it to life.  Thank you for taking the time to navigate through our site and we hope to see you again